Mint Chalcedony Pendant with Black Lampwork
Amazonite Bracelet with Large Sterling Floral Clasp
Blue Kyanite Sterling Link Bracelet with Mother of Pearl Clusters

OOAK Faceted Amazonite and Sterling Silver Bracelet accented with Aquamarine, Bali Silver Bead Caps and Large Sterling Silver Floral Clasp. This bracelet is currently on display in the Trumbull Art Gallery in Warren, Ohio. The price is $164.00. If you are interested in the piece, please contact me via email for instructions.

Amazonite is said to be a stone of truth, honor, communication and integrity. It is also thought by some to enhance intuition, creativity and intellect.

Amazonite is found worldwide with large deposits in Russia, Myanmar, India, Ethiopia, Madagascar and the USA (Colorado and Virginia).

OOAK Rock Crystal bracelet with a black and ivory lampwork bead and sterling silver clasp. The cluster contains Swarovski crystals, black onyx and black zircon beads. This bracelet is currently on display in the Cary Gallery of Artists in Cary, NC. The price is $98.00. If you are interested in the piece, please contact me via email for instructions.

OOAK Double strand bracelet of blue kyanite links with mother of pearl and caligraphy sterling silver bead focal area. The bracelet closes with a latching sterling silver clasp. The price of this piece is $175.00 and can be purchased here.

Some believe Kyanite has a calming effect, bringing tranquility and driving away emotional stress for the wearer.

Traditional Kyanite sources of gem crystals include Brazil, Cambodia, Burma (Myanmar), Switzerland, Russia, Kenya, and the U.S. (North Carolina, Connecticut, and Maine)

"Life sparkles when you do....." That's my philosophy.

Did you ever wonder what happened to the "Voice with a Smile"? Well, I used to be one! That was in the days when you had to make an appointment with the overseas operator to call internationally and some small, rural communities still had crank-style telephones.

But things change, and I changed too. After working more than forty years in the telecommunications industry I retired and started my own business - in fact, I started two of them and you'll find them both on this website.

My first love is making  jewelry . I found that I could create things of substance, beauty and meaning with a bit of wire and a few beads.  Each completed piece gives me a marvelous sense of fulfillment and achievement.  I quickly became, and still am, enchanted by this process.

Getting older is inevitable but it doesn't mean we have to look (or act) our age.  Which brings ne to my second business - Rodan and Fields Skincare. These wonderful products really do turn back the clock and why not have beautiful skin to go with beautiful jewelry!

My one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces are exhibited and sold through the Cary Gallery of Artists in Cary, NC as well as the Trumbull Art Gallery in Warren, Ohio and through this website. 

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you come back often. New things are added on a regular basis and your comments are welcome and appreciated.