Rutilated quartz with 14kt goldfilled findings and citrine accents.

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Jade and Australian Black Opal Bracelet
Autum Pumpkins and Squash

Double Strand Keshi Pearl Necklace with sterling silver accents. Pearls are said to give their wearers a sense of calmness and centeredness. They are also said to promote faith, loyalty, truth and purity. Some cultures believe pearls help women connect with their "inner goddess" and obtain their "ultimate feminine energy".


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Gem Silica pendant wrapped in fine sterling silver. Gem silica is the rarest and most expensive variety in the quartz family and is a type of chalecedony

Fossilized coral wrapped in 14kt goldfilled wire with garnet accents. Fossilized coral is a natural gemstone that is created when prehistoric coral is gradually replaced with agate. Corals are marine animals and it is their skeletons that are fossilized and preserved. 

Jade and jasper pendant with 14kt gold filled accents.

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Opal Jasper is known as the  “Supreme Nurturer,” and as a stone of grounding and stability.  Its presence is thought by some to bring  balance and a level of wholeness and peace to the wearer. Jasper is also said to act as a reminder that one is not here simply for oneself, but to bring joy and substance to others.

This necklace was completed with sterling silver findings,  a latching sterling clasp and a unique lampwork bead handcrafted by glass artist, Egija Straujuma. For Lee.

Lampwork tree of life with honey jade, Swarovski crystal and 14kt gold filled accents.

Citrine nuggets with lampwork focal and gold plated floral clasp for Cheryl Ann.

Graduated aquamarine with lampwork focal. My very first sale at Cary Gallery of Artists.

Kingman turquoise with baroque pearl and sterling silver for Hilda.

Aquamarine with lampwork and sterling silver for Elda.

Amazonite and baroque pearl for Nina.

Aurora bourealis moonstone and 14kt gold filled. For Donna.

Lampwork bead with mint chalcedony and 14kt gold filled findings. 

Amazing labradorite and gorgeous freshwater pearls.

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Austrailan black opal, Swarovski crystals, lampwork focal beads and sterling silver accents. For Lee.

Howlite and smoky topaz with gold filled findings.

Aquamarine, labradorite and gold filled/gold plated findings. For Lee.

Rock crystal, freshwater pearls and sterling silver. For Donna.

Have You Seen This Bracelet?

Double strand, labradorite, freshwater pearl, Swarovski crystal and silver bracelet was last seen mid-October 2019.

Bracelet loves sparkling in the sunlight and attending garden parties. If found, please contact me for instructions.

Bracelet, if you can read this, I miss you and please come home soon.

Person who has bracelet - thank you for admiring my work. Payment would be appreciated and no questions will be asked. Contact me

for. instructions

Faceted Brazilian blue quartz with mother-of-pearl and gold filled findings.