I want to help make 2019 the year you blossom! So here's a challenge for you!
This special offer is for the first three (3) people who order a R+F regimen from me before this offer expires February 28, 2019 at 11:59 P.M. The time stamp on the order on my R+F website will be used to determine the first three orders. Here are the details:
Purchase a total of five (5) regimens of your choice from me over the next eight (8) months and receive a sixth regimen of equal value - and of your choice - FREE in the 10th month after ordering your first regimen in 2019! This offer is not transferrable and applies only to orders placed with me by February 28, 2019. **Some restrictions apply - see them below.
I want to partner with you, and most importantly, I want you to "blossom" and have the best skin of your life. You're worth it! Take the time in 2019 to do this for yourself! Have the beautiful skin you want for the holiday season and start 2020 with a fresh, new look!
This is a special promotion from Patricia Buchanan for the purpose of helping you finally love your skin and to support my loyal, preferred customers!
** 1)The first regimen must be ordered in 2019 no later than February 28, 2019 to take advantage of this special offer.
** 2) Your subsequent regimens must be ordered one every other month in 2019 for a total of five (5) regimens.
** 3) Your regimens ordered must total five (5) in 2019 in order to receive the FREE regimen . Regimen(s) returned for refund will void the offer. 
** 4) You may stop the offer at any time. The offer is not transferrable.There is no contractual obligation but, once you stop, you forfeit the FREE regimen and the offer becomes null and void.
** 5) Limited to one FREE regimen per person
I can take care of all your ordering needs and will be happy to sign you up as a Preferred Customer so you qualify for free shipping and 10% off on all of your purchases! We have a 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee, and we can also make a personal recommendation for the skincare regimen that is best suited for your personal skin concerns. Take a moment to answer 5 quick questions here for your feedback from Dr Rodan and Dr Fields. I will follow up to answer questions and to see how I can best help you love your skin! 
Thank you for your time and for supporting my passion and small business!

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